My Life in 2 Minutes was a two year, multi-award winning story telling project documenting fourteen people's experiences that changed their lives forever.  

In this multi-award winning story, Jane talks about her journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

In this story, Sister Betty talks about what it was like for her when she decided to become a nun.

In this story, Andrew and Bill talk about "taking on" one of Australia's largest insurance companies.

In this award winning story, Penny talks about life before, during and after spending time in prison.

In this story, Lisa talks about changes in her life after being involved in a fatal car accident.

In this story, published on ABC Open, Karinne talks about finding her dream job. 

This multi, international-award winning story is about Lauralye who has bi-polar which she was diagnosed with at the age of 12 years. Lauralye controls the way she looks which deflects people's view away from her mental health.

This multi, international award winning story is about Carl, a skilled metal worker who lost his job because of a back injury. Carl talks about how he survived during his period of homelessness. 

In this award winning story, Craig talks about his experiences as a male victim of domestic violence perpetrated by his spouse.

In this award winning story, Julie speaks about her husband Anthony's experience of being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

In this story, Janelle and Tony talk about life after Tony had a stroke at the age of 35.

In this multi-award winning story, Vesna talks about her experiences during the Bosnian war in Sarajevo and how she returned to Australia during this conflict. 

This award winning story is about Liz, a middle aged woman who talks about the difficulty in "coming out" particularly in telling her parents.

In this story, Jenny talks about her spiritual discovery of yoga.

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