As a child I was given a Box Brownie camera that I wore out then later bought a Polaroid Land camera. During the 80's my photographs were born directly from my pride and joy - a Nikon F2AS or through experiments in a dark room where I learned to develop black and white, colour negatives and prints. 
I am interested in travel, fine art and portraiture photography but am particularly interested in social documentary/photojournalism. I still love to shoot with film but also in digital. 
I am an award winning freelance photographer specialising in social documentaries such as the multi-award winning My Life in 2 Minutes and the ABC series Deadly Business. I have also won awards for multimedia training resources incorporating video. My work has been exhibited and published worldwide. My work can also be seen at Photographers Without Borders and Shotkit Featured.  
My recent work has been in developing countries such as rural Uganda, India and Nepal. I am a member of MAPgroup – a collective of independent documentary photographers.
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